FBK to tap into a new line of business


FBK launches a new line of business services in the area of sustainable development.

The newly launched line of business is supposed to provide services in the areas of strategy development and improvement of sustainable development management frameworks. Other services include preparation and approval of non-financial reporting. FBK’s clients will also enjoy an opportunity to receive GRI certified training.

The activities of the new department will be orchestrated by Vladimir Skobarev, the firms new partner. As explained by Vladimir Skobarev, while demand for professional support in implementing sustainable development processes has been steadily growing, nowadays only a few firms provide such services in this country. “A team made up of sector-specific professionals possesses 10-year experience in working with local largest companies and leading global organisations. A unique combination of skills is a linchpin of high quality of business services we provide to our clients,” Vladimir Skobarev noted.


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