FBK Joins the Eastern Economic Forum


Alexander Ermolenko, FBK Legal partner, has attended the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok. During the Competitive Law and the International Arbitration Centre in the Russian Far East session, he joined the discussion on how to improve the Russian legal system to make the region more attractive for investment.

The panel also included experts from Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, who shared recipes that had enabled their countries to gain leadership in international arbitration.

Mr Ermolenko, in his turn, pointed out that, despite the presence of a fairly competitive legal system in Russia, the nation's courts and arbitration institutions were lagging behind those in other countries. "This is happening, among other things, because Russian law schools don't teach arbitration. They need to start doing it, and in ten years there'll be a completely different picture," said the FBK Legal partner.

The Eastern Economic Forum is the largest and the most authoritative expert platform discussing a broad range of issues involving the development of the Russian Far East and the expansion of its cooperation with countries in the Asian Pacific Region.

A video of the session is available at:https://forumvostok.ru/sessiya-vef-2017/?session_id=2686


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