President of FBK Sergey Shapiguzov: "Welcome to FBK!"

Shapiguzov Sergey

Dear Colleagues!

In line with our corporate slogan, FBK is ready to help you to “explain the world” – and to change it, to make it better. And that is, in fact, the goal of any serious business and any responsible government department. Indeed, what else is there? For surely everyone would like to make their mark and keep their good name.

FBK has enjoyed a good name for more than two and a half decades. Our high professional reputation has never been questioned. No less important neither has our moral reputation. Auditors, consultants and lawyers often know more about the economy than other academic economists.

But the Company’s founders come from the academic world. So we relate our detailed knowledge of economic realities to ideal.

The goal towards which we are moving is a healthy open market economy based on trust. The trust of citizens towards business, the trust of business towards government and the trust of government towards citizens... In our case, that is also the trust of our partners and clients towards FBK itself. Trust is our main asset and our main competitive advantage.

And trust is no less important within the Company. Thats why it is managed by partners. Not only in managerial and legal relations, but in human relations as well. Otherwise, we would not have achieved anything. We would have been unable to maintain our leadership in the industry over so many eventful years, years which sometimes threw up unexpected challenges and innovative solutions...

In short, we remain committed to further explaining and changing the world, together with all those who would like to join us as clients, as partners, and as colleagues.

Welcome to FBK!

Yours sincerely,

Sergey Shapiguzov, Company President
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