Modern Management Technology, Co

FBK is a partner of the Modern Management Technology group for the distribution of the business simulation suite Business Studio.


The state-owned company Modern Management Technology was founded in 1991 and represents smart business services on the market. It specializes in implementing projects aimed at building effective business management systems.

Among Modern Management Technology’s developments is the Business Studio modeling suite, which is used by more than 800 companies in Russia and the CIS countries to model their business process and optimize their management systems. Over 90 universities and business schools use the Business Studio to train their students and improve the skills and qualifications of experts.

Office in Samara:
Russia, 443090, Samara, Antonov-Ovseenko Street, Dom 59B, 1st floor.
Telephone: +7 (846) 202-19-00

Office in Moscow:
Russia, Moscow, Smolensky Boulevard, Dom 4
Telephone: +7 (985) 412-88-68

Office in St. Petersburg:
Russia, St. Petersburg, Smolenka River Naberezhny, Dom 2, Office 4
Telephone: +7 (963) 345-66-42

Company website:
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