Ever since 2004 FBK has performed annually a tax audit and provided consulting services to the companies under the control of OJSC Mineral and Chemical Company EuroChem. In 2008 the general meeting of shareholders of OJSC Mineral and Chemical Company EuroChem approved FBK as the official auditor of the financial statements of OJSC MCC EuroChem and all the companies that it controls for 2008.

During our cooperation with FBK we have had an opportunity to gain assurance as to the effectiveness and high quality of the services of this company. A distinctive aspect of the work of FBK is the comprehensive approach that it applies to the resolution of set tasks and the timely performance of the obligations that it assumed. The audit, consulting and legal services provided by FBK invariably stand out in terms of the comprehensive study and consideration of problems at a high professional level.

One should also highlight such a redeeming feature of FBK’s employees as the positive attitude to the client’s arguments and desire to consider diligently and in good faith as many as factors as possible that are capable of influencing the final position during the resolution of complex and tricky tasks.

During the years of our cooperation we have contacted specialists from different FBK departments on numerous occasions and can confirm that the employees of this company have an intrinsic well-grounded and serious approach, pay due heed to clients and are proactive in their responses to client requests.

OJSC MCC EuroChem also plans in future to continue cooperation with the audit and consulting company FBK and recommend it as a highly professional and reliable business partner.

Chief Accountant, OJSC MCC EuroChem
L.B. Kochubeyeva

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