Chemical & Petrochemical industry

The chemical and petrochemical industries in Russia have, in the opinion of experts, great potential for development due to the presence of natural resources, a large and receptive market, the availability of capital and the current government's policy of stimulating the development of the industry under the aegis of the Ministry of Energy. According to various estimates, the petrochemical industry's growth potential lies between 70-100% in four years and approximately 900 billion rubles in cash terms.

Competition on the internal market, the external economic environment and government policy on the industry's enterprises make change necessary.

Enterprises are therefore optimizing their production processes, updating production and introducing modern technology, all of which involves attracting significant amounts of investment.

Change management is essential due to the need to introduce new and more efficient business processes. This in turn makes it necessary to research and optimize all the key business processes involved in procuring raw materials and the sales and logistics functions of the products manufactured by the chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as the support functions at enterprises, such as accounting and tax policies, the organizational structure, legal support, efficiency control and the audit of financial statements.

Our knowledge and understanding of the needs of the petrochemical market's key players, combined with our extensive practical experience, enables us to meet our clients' challenges at minimal cost, while achieving excellent results. Major players on the Russian chemicals and petrochemicals market, such as MCC EuroChem, Khimprom, the petrochemical units at Gazprom and Slavneft, SIBUR Holding, TogliattiAzot, the Novomoskovsk Nitrogen Company and others already use our services, helping them to reduce their operating costs and optimize their business processes. As a result, they are able to maintain consistently their leading positions on both the domestic and the global chemicals and petrochemicals market.

FBK experts implemented or are implementing the following projects for 2012 alone:
  • Audit reports of financial statements of subsidiaries and affiliated companies of MCC EuroChem.
  • management and accounting consulting to MCC EuroChem.
  • numerous other projects.
Lawyers and attorneys at FBK Legal have been successfully representing Togliatti for many years in tax disputes and also advise the company on tax and transfer pricing.
The FBK Group's clients in the petrochemical industry include the sector's largest players on the market: BASF, SIBUR, Gazprom Salavat Petrochemical, companies owned by the EuroChem Group and others.

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