Saint-Gobain Isover Russia

FBK have been providing audit and consulting services to Saint-Gobain Isover Russia companies since 1996.

During our cooperation with FBK we have had an opportunity to gain assurance as to the effectiveness and high quality of the services of this company. LLC FBK conducts audits and provides consulting services in the areas of accounting, taxation and law.
Saint-Gobain Isover Group would like to thank FBK for its invaluable support with the launch of a Saint-Gobain Isover plant in the city of Egorievsk.

A distinctive aspect of the company’s work is its comprehensive approach to task resolution, the effectiveness of the professional services and exceptional level of the company’s specialists.

At the same time we would like to emphasise in particular that LLC FBK stands out due to its proactive approach and the high quality of the consulting services that it provides on the most complex issues in the fields of accounting, taxation and law. FBK’s employees are extremely meticulous in their work, demonstrating an ability to deliver excellent results, which have always provided and continue to provide invaluable practical assistance to our company.

In connection with the above, we would like to express our profound satisfaction with the results of our joint activities and would like to thank in particular Head of the General Audit Department Mrs Sarafonova Å.Î. the irreplaceable leaders of the audits organised by LLC FBK Mrs Yutskovskaya I.D. and Mr Piskunov A.V. and also the company’s lawyers: Tax and Law Partner Mrs Orlova N.N. and Deputy Director f Department for Tax and Law Mr Dostavalov P.V., for their exceptional professionalism, their capacity for work, attention and tact.

Saint-Gobain Isover Russia plans to continue in this vein and expand areas of cooperation with the audit and consulting company LLC FBK and recommends it as a reliable business partner.

General Director, Saint-Gobain Isover Russia Group
Chepulis A.V.

Finance Director, Saint-Gobain Isover Russia Group
Sheveleva E.V.

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