Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation

FBK has for many years been providing services to enterprises in the leisure, tourism and recreation sectors, including to tour operators, hotel facilities, guest houses, hotels, service centers and other businesses.

Our experience working with companies in the tourist, leisure and hospitality industry enables us to provide services to a high professional manner, taking into account current industry trends, and to offer our clients a team of experts with experience in the sector who have mastered the relevant methods and are ready and able to solve any problem quickly.

We provide the full range of professional services to the industry:
Our clients at various times have included and still number the largest travel companies, such as Tez Tour and OMK Tour, the hotel facilities Domodedovo AirHotel Complex, Stolychnye Hotels, ALROSA HOTEL, the Orlyonok Hotel Complex and Leningrad Hotel, sports organizations and sports and recreational facilities, such as ANO Bid Committee Sochi 2014, the Professional Football League Association, the Foundation for the Development and Support of Cycling, the Lokomotiv-2 Football Club, the Metallurg Sport & Health Club, the Sport & Shooting Complex Lisya Nora and Planet Fitness, and entertainment organizations, such as Orglot and the General Lottery Operator.

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