Food Industry and Agriculture

FBK experts have been providing services to enterprises in the industry since 2002.

In more than a decade of cooperation, we have gained unique project experience and an understanding of the sector's specifics. Our experts are well aware of the particulars of the sector's business processes, financial and tax accounting at the industry's enterprises, the specifics of carrying out cost and construction valuations of objects in the food industry and agriculture and the accounting process used in the industry, including the reporting of leasing, contingent liabilities, trade credits and other industry-specific business processes.

At various times FBK's clients have included: Nestlé Russia, the Parmalat Group, PepsiCo Holdings, Wimm Bill Dann, the International Grain Company (Glencore), the RUSAGRO Group of Companies, the AgroTerra Group of Companies, FES Product and the JSC Concern Energomera.
For PepsiCo Holdings in particular, FBK's experts conducted a tax audit of several subsidiaries and provided services in financial, management and tax consulting.

FBK experts also conducted consulting projects and R&D for Russia's Ministry of Agriculture and the Republic of Tatarstan's Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

The experience we have gained during the implementation of countless projects allows us to conduct projects in auditing, valuation and accounting and in management and financial consulting for the sector's enterprises in the shortest possible time and with maximum benefit to our clients.

FBK Legal's clients in this area include McDonald's, Herbalife, Hines, MacCoffee, Nestlé, the Parmalat Group, the International Grain Company (Glencore) and a series of other enterprises.

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