FBK at Gaidar Forum


Alexey Terekhov, Vice-President at FBK Grant Thornton, spoke at the expert discussion titled “Financial Control and Banking Supervision in a Digital State” held at the Gaidar Forum.

When speaking about changes in the economic control and supervision methods Alexey Terekhov noted that in the near future digital technologies will drastically change the audit profession.

In particular, introduction of the blockchain in our profession will significantly affect roles and responsibilities. The fact is that in the blockchain each new action reverifies and confirms the previous one, therefore, auditing as we know it is becoming history. The auditors in the near future will only be needed when it is necessary to compare a physical asset with its accounting or blockchain reflection. And it is already time to train new specialists, he underlined.

Gaidar Forum is an annual international scientific and practical conference on economic issues held in Russia since 2010. It was named after Yegor Gaidar, a Russian liberal reformer.

Watch Alexey’s speech online https://youtu.be/4WR2hsxmxRg


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