FBK Grant Thornton Delivers Training on GRI Standards


At the premises of the Economic and Law School, FBK Grant Thornton has delivered another training on sustainability reporting in accordance with GRI Standards.

“GRI Standards can be used by companies of different sizes from various sectors as a manual on non-financial reporting. These standards are constantly evolving and changing, that is why to make the reporting up-to-date it is necessary to keep track of the amendments and adjust to them. In our turn, we are willing to provide assistance for businesses of any size,” says FBK Partner Vladimir Skobarev.

Employees from seven companies, including Gazprom, Bank BelVEB, Da-Strategy and others, attended the training delivered within the framework of the GRI Global Program. The training provided both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. During the practical part the attendees learnt to apply obtained knowledge in practice using specific examples. After the training the attendees completed questionnaires to be sent to GRI in which they noted that the training had disclosed the value of reporting and outlined the steps of the reporting process.

GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) is a non-profit organization that has developed a corporate social responsibility standard according to which a CSR report should reflect the company’s economic, social and environmental policies.


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