FBK Partner Contributes to New Sustainability Standard


FBK Partner Vladimir Skobarev has contributed to the development of a new edition of the fundamental sustainability standard.

Vladimir Skobarev says that back in 2016 he was included in a special international working group of twelve leading sustainability experts from all over the world. “It was a great privilege for me to work with such respected experts and contribute to the development of the standards used worldwide. I have gained vast experience, which will be useful for implementation of sustainability principles in Russia,” FBK Partner says.

The new edition of the standard incorporates changes in sustainable development over the last 10 years. The new principle, Impact, has been added to require organisations to monitor, measure and be accountable for how their actions affect their broader ecosystems.

The updated AA1000AP (2018) standard constitutes a part of Accountability AA1000, a series of sustainability standards used worldwide. Developed by the British Institute of Social and Ethical Accountability, the standards are aimed to improve the quality of non-financial reporting, business transparency, accountability and sustainability by involvement of stakeholders and taking their opinion into account when analysing companies’ operations.


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