FBK Cybersecurity Promotes Basic Principles of Cybersecurity


FBK Cybersecurity experts Andrey Skuratov and Sergey Migalin have spoken about privacy and security in the Internet during a meeting of IT specialists and civic activists held within the framework of a social education project titled “Greenhouse of Social Technologies”.

Among other things, they talked about the essential data security checklist for any user.

Dozens of incidents occur in the Internet daily, people and companies lose not only money, sometimes serious money, but also, just as important, information, ideas and sometimes even reputation. FBK Cybersecurity is sure that cybersecurity experts should actively share their knowledge among themselves and with potential clients in order to prevent such incidents or minimize losses, Andrey Skuratov said.

FBK Cybersecurity is a subsidiary of FBK Group, a large Russian audit and consulting group, which is specialized in data security services. Among its clients there are federal and regional state authorities, international financial institutions and large companies operating in various sectors.


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