FBK at October Debates


FBK's Head of Risk Management Practice Roman Kenigsberg has participated in October Debates 2018 titled “Risks, Security and Control: Prospects” arranged by Lomonosov Moscow State University and Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Roman Kenigsberg says that when discussing achievements in applied science and relevant business approaches to audit, compliance, risks, control and corporate management, special attention was given to the place of humans vested with control functions in the digital economy.

Progress cannot be stopped. Even now we see that routine processes become automated and the degree of automation is increasing year after year driving human specialists out. I am sure that humans will stay in the profession anyway but in a bit different capacity: they will be required to determine objectives, set targets and control IT systems. That is why controllers of the future will need to have expertise, knowledge and skills materially different from what they have today, he says.

The conference was attended by representatives of top Russian universities, heads of companies, specialists of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service and control divisions of big Russian and international companies, experts in the digital economy and research scientists.


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