FBK CyberSecurity at ZeroNights 2018


FBK CyberSecurity’s experts Mikhail Firstov, Sergey Migalin, Andrey Skuratov and Yaroslav Moskvin have participated in the eighth international conference ZeroNights 2018 held in St. Petersburg.

Specialists from Russia, China, France, the United States, Germany and other countries presented the results of their studies into practical information security issues. A report titled “ELF execution in Linux RAM” was based on a unique research conducted by FBK CS.

The conference has brought together the best experts in the industry. We managed not only to present our research but also to meet like-minded specialists, said FBK CyberSecuritys expert Sergey Migalin.

Our speech attracted attention of the audience, which was evident from personal conversations after the conference and comments on the biggest web-based hosting service GitHub where FBK CyberSecuritys know-how is available to the public, said FBK CyberSecuritys expert Andrey Skuratov.


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