FBK Runs Analytical Contest for Financial University Students


FBK Grant Thornton and the Career Planning and Development Administration of the Financial University have arranged an analytical contest “Understand the Company” for students of the university, who had the chance to try dealing with professional challenges, while the company had the chance to recruit employees for the top Russian auditing and consulting group. Those who gave the best and the most detailed answers to the questions asked during the contest received special prizes and were invited for an internship in the company without any admission tests.

Director of Accounting Advisory Services Elena Tyutyunnikova explained the process that the applicants usually have to complete to be hired. Darya Yakovleva, who has recently joined FBK’s International Financial Reporting and Assurance Department, shared her experience of passing admission tests and working for the company.

According to FBKs Partner Askold Birin, contestants had to demonstrate not only theoretical knowledge, but also their ability to use it efficiently to tackle problems. For example, one of the tasks was to identify the company using only its financial statements.

That is why it is particularly comforting to see that many contestants have successfully dealt with difficult tasks. And we will be glad to help these students to start their career in audit and consulting, he said.


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