FBKs Experts Speak about Changes Related to Taxes and Levies


FBK’s lawyers and consultants have arranged a traditional tax breakfast for their clients to speak about the most important changes in taxation, relevant explanations of controlling bodies and the latest trends in the industry.


In her opening speech Tatiana Matveicheva, Head of Tax Consulting Practice, noted, “Over two hundred amendments were made to the Tax Code last year. The majority of them have already come into effect since 1 January. Our aim is to help our clients to make sense of all novelties and changes.”


Natalia Gerasimova, Head of Corporate Taxation Practice at FBK Legal, spoke about new default interest calculation rules, exemption from transfer pricing requirements, and zero income tax rate for the sale of participation interest. In addition, she mentioned advantages of tax monitoring as a mechanism of tax control. Roman Kenigsberg, Head of Risk Management Practice at FBK, followed up on the topic and explained how the internal control system works.


Alesya Homich, Senior Expert of Tax Consulting Practice, dedicated her speech to challenges associated with the transition to new VAT rate. Additional information on the topic was given by Dmitry Paramonov, Head of International Taxation Practice, who spoke about VAT related to e-services provided by foreign companies. He also summarised the results of tax amnesty and analysed novelties in the application of the actual right to income concept for income tax purposes.


Ekaterina Golubeva, Senior Lawyer of Tax Consulting Practice, spoke about the relevant explanations given by the Federal Tax Service in respect of VAT and income tax. Senior Expert of Tax Consulting Practice Alexey Yarzutkin also spoke about VAT. He covered market initiatives aimed to motivate taxpayers to pay VAT voluntarily.


At the end of the tax breakfast FBK lawyers and consultants answered the questions of the audience.

Tax breakfasts have been held by FBK Grant Thornton for over ten years and have traditionally gathered the best business consultants and businessmen for professional discussion.This year it has been arranged in the form of a tax seminar.



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