FBK Grant Thornton Audits Finaward


FBK Grant Thornton has audited the voting results of Finaward, the annual innovation and finance achievement award presented for the sixth time by a business magazine, Banking Review. This year is was decided for the first time to engage an independent auditor to provide assurance of winner selection.

Nina Mushkarina, Associate Director of Assurance and Advisory to Financial Institutions at FBK, said that not many award and ranking sponsors obtain independent and public assurance of results.

“We have checked the accuracy and completeness of vote counting by the counting commission and the compliance of winner selection with the applicable criteria. It was challenging but exciting. As a result, certain positions in the final list were changed,” she said adding that FBK’s experts were highly appraised for their assurance of the award results by the key magazine of the banking community.

The awards were presented in sixteen categories devised into four sections: Banks and Payment Services, Insurance, Non-Banking Credit Institutions, and Asset Management and Investments. The expert council of the award selected about 300 projects implemented in 2018 and about 100 projects were sent by banks and finance companies.


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