FBK CyberSecurity Supports MIEM Real CTF


FBK CyberSecurity has been a partner of MIEM RealCTF, an international cybersecurity competition held by the HSE Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM HSE). The final round of the competition took place last weekend.

Over 300 teams from 25 countries, i.e. 1,430 participants in total, registered for the qualification round. Only 20 teams with the highest scores qualified for the final.

On the first day of the final, participants tackled routine cybersecurity tasks, such as vulnerability assessment, incident investigation, reverse engineering, decrypting crypto containers and finding data hidden using stenography. The second round was held as an Attack/Defense CTF. Teams had to protect their vulnerable applications from being hacked and attack other teams applications at the same time.

FBK CyberSecurity’s Director Alexander Chernenko said, “The VoidHack team from Yekaterinburg won in a close fight. FBK CyberSecurity will award them and other worthy participants with valuable prizes.”


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