FBK CSs Experts at Positive Hack Days 2019


FBK CyberSecurity’s experts have participated in Positive Hack Days 2019.

Andrey Skuratov and Mikhail Firstov ran an extended six-hour web application hacking workshop. They made an overview of various web application attacks, which may be encountered during professional cybersecurity audits or search for vulnerabilities to be reported in bug bounty programmes.

“This workshop was useful both for newcomers and for experienced specialists, who wanted to obtain new skills,” Andrey Skuratov said.

Sergey Migalin, in his turn, presented his digital forensic insights speaking about why there are no perfect crimes. He said, As technologies develop, so do criminals. They become more and more creative each day but despite all their tricks, they are eventually identified. You just need to know how to look for them. And we know that.

Positive Hack Days is an international practical cybersecurity forum annually held in Moscow since 2011. PHDays brings together Russian and foreign software developers, cybersecurity expert and hackers. There are closed door and open round tables with public officials, CIO and CISO of the major Russian and international companies.


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