Publication of Draft Financial Consumer Consulting Standards Developed by FBK GT


Draft financial consumer consulting standards developed by FBK Grant Thornton’s consultants have been published at ..

According to FBK Grant Thornton's Partner Irina Dubinina, Rospotrebnadzors consultation centres all over the country have recently used these drafts that have become essential for awareness raising and consulting of financial consumers.

“At the moment, we have developed 15 specific standards related to bank deposit contracts, lombard lending, vehicle insurance, credit and payroll cards, and other financial matters. Each standard introduces the main terms and definitions, examples of consumer rights infringement, legislative interpretation, and legal precedents,” she explained.

In 2019, FBK GTs consultants will also develop Rospotrebnadzors consulting standards related to group insurance, interaction between consumers and debt collectors, and pre-trial settlement of disputes between financial consumers and financial institutions by the financial ombudsman.


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