State Transport Leasing Company Becomes FBK GTs New Client


FBK Grant Thornton has won in an open tender and signed an agreement with State Transport Leasing Company (STLC, PJSC) to review and audit IFRS consolidated financial statements.

FBK Grant Thornton’s Partner Ildar Safiulin says that under the agreement the auditors will have to not only issue auditor's reports on annual financial statements for three years but also review financial statements for six and nine months.

“Any leasing companys financial statements, especially of such a big company as STLC, have many users, such as investors, banks, lessees, suppliers, tax authorities. That is why we feel special responsibility but at the same time we are self-confident,” he said.

STLC is one of the biggest leasing companies in Russia. The Russian Federation represented by the Ministry of Transport is the companys sole shareholder. The company leases out air transport, sea and river vessels, railway vehicles, trucks and special equipment for Russian transport companies, as well as invests in the development of the Russian transport industry.


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