FBK GT's President About Future of Audit


FBK Grant Thornton’s President Sergey Shapiguzov has participated in the international conference “Changing Audit World: Challenges and Opportunities” arranged in Vladivostok by the Federal Treasury.

Sergey Shapiguzov said in his speech that an auditor of the future is, first of all, an operator of specialised software and the quality of work will depend on the ability to use it efficiently.In this regard, FBK GTs President mentioned such topics as cybersecurity and sustainability.

Digitalization offers new opportunities that will soon significantly change the industry. On the other hand, whatever the transformations, it is already clear that they should be aimed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals when economic growth, social progress and responsibility for the environment complement each other, Sergey Shapiguzov said.

In addition, international experts discussed other relevant issues related to audit and industry development trends in the medium term.

The conference brought together representatives of the IFIAR, IAASB, PEMPAL, audit regulators from the European Union, Germany, Greece, China, Uzbekistan and Japan. Russia was represented by the Control Department of the President of the Russian Federation, the Bank of Russia, self-regulatory organisations of auditors, scientists, auditors and businesspersons.


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