Outsourcing in Business Strategy. FBK GTs Partner about Best Practices of Working with Service Providers


FBK Grant Thornton’s Partner Polina Sungurova has become a co-author of the Strategic Management and Control chapter of the textbook titled “Outsourcing in Modern Business Strategy. Best Practices of Working with Service Providers”. The book may help to select an outsourcing company and to build an efficient and continuous cooperation with customers and providers.

Monitoring service quality, maintaining trust relationships and being ready to optimize processes — this is the main task of the outsourcing contract management. It should be done at all levels, from the operating to the strategic one, and it requires the participation of both the provider and the client. This is what we talk about in our chapter, which is illustrated by real-life examples, Polina Sungurova said.

In addition, the textbook explains the main stages of migrating to outsourcing and field-tested methods used by outsourcers both in economically developed countries and in former Soviet Union countries.

You can buy the textbook HERE


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