FBK Grant Thornton at December Debates


FBK GT’s consultants have participated in the Fifth International ConferenceDecember Debates 2019 titled “Control over Innovations and Innovative Control” held by the MSU Faculty of Economics in partnership with the Department of Risk Analysis and Economic Security of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Mikhail Firstov, Head of the Research Lab at FBK Cybersecurity, explained at the cyber debates section how to arrange an effective lab to optimise internal controls for information security. FBK GTs Partner Vladimir Skobarev dedicated its speech to internal control and risk management related to sustainable development. Roman Kenigsberg, Director of the Risk Management Department, explained how to control innovations and use them to make business more efficient. In his turn, Head of the Tax Consulting Practice Alexander Grigoriev looked into the prospects of tax monitoring, the most innovative tax control method.

The conference also covered such topics as new anti-fraud technologies, risk management systems for companies that produce digital assets, corporate culture in the digitalisation age etc.


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