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FBK CyberSecurity to Offer New Product

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FBK CyberSecurity is developing a new product to train and test infosec specialists — FBK CyberLab. The news was shared by Mikhail Firstov, the Head of Security Research at FBK CyberSecurity, at a seminar organised for the Association of Belarusian Banks in cooperation with FBK Grant Thornton.

The product is a web app that creates multilevel virtual infrastructures simulating networks of connected vulnerable machines (web-services, routers, business apps, PCs etc.).

“The app is primarily intended for infosec specialists to train their penetration test skills. The platform uses game elements integrated in the hacking process and provides an opportunity to create unique training scenarios thanks to the random lab generation function,” Mikhail Firstov commented on the product.

You can find more detailed information about FBK CyberLab in Russian and apply for testing at

Video presentation in Russian