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FBK GT’s Senior Leaders Ranked Among Best Russian Managers

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Three FBK GT’s executives have made it into the TOP 1000 Russian Managers, a ranking published by the Russian Managers Association and the Kommersant newspaper.

FBK GT’s President Sergey Shapiguzov was marked as one of the best top managers, Vice-President Irina Sukhova made it to the top five marketing directors and HR Director Petr Geltishchev was recognised as one of the best in PR.

This ranking has been published for 20 years and FBK GT’s managers have been regularly ranked among the best in Russia in various categories.

The Top 1000 Russian Managers Ranking gauges professional reputation of high-ranking Russian executives. The ranking summarizes year-end results and is drawn on the peer opinions of the best Russian managers to distinguish Russia’s best-performing managers.