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FBK Legal Holds Another Webinar on Changes in Tax Law

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FBK Legal has arranged a webinar not connected to the COVID-19 pandemic. This online meeting was dedicated to relevant changes in the tax law, as requested by the audience.

Head of Practice Natalia Gerasimova presented an overview of key changes in corporate taxation and specifically highlighted changes related to each tax: VAT, income tax, property tax, land tax, transport tax etc.

Head of Practice Natalia Ryabova provided insights into tax matters related to individuals.  In particular, she explained how the list of income exempt from individual income tax was extended, how tax base is calculated when real estate is presented or sold and how sick leaves should be documented.

Recordings of all webinars are available in the special section of the website “Together Against COVID-19”, where you can find materials useful for businesses during quarantine.


You can watch the video recording here