Unification of methodology in holding structures

Unification of accounting methodology in holding structures presupposes a wide range of projects from the unification of accounting principles for the group companies to the development of a standard accounting system for the follow-up automation purpose.

Within the unification framework we carry out:
  • Comprehensive analysis of the accounting methods and report generation in different companies of the group
  • Evaluation of differences in the automated systems applied by the group companies for accounting purposes
  • Optimization of the existing accounting techniques by means of exercising best practices of reporting documents preparation, including the determination of optimum scopes in approaching IFRS and RAS accounting policies.
  • Compiling of detailed methodological description of most complicated accounting matters
  • Actualization of available methodological documents in connection with the changes in the regulatory and legal base.


For more information on accounting advisory services please contact:

Valeria Polyakova, FBK Consulting Partner
e-mail: PolyakovaV@fbk.ru

Elena Tyutyunnikova, director of the accounting advisory department
e-mail: TyutyunnikovaE@fbk.ru

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