Reorganizing the accounting function as part of business restructuring and/or expansion

Reorganizing the accounting function is usually conducted as part of projects to reorganize individual enterprises or groups of enterprises, unify and optimize business processes, implement corporate applications, partially or totally centralize accounting processes, outsource accounting processes to external organizations or the holding enterprise and decentralize the accounting process.

The reorganization of the accounting function includes the following steps:
  • Developing and justifying the concept for modifying the accounting office operations model within the framework of company reorganization/expansion:
  • approaches towards the separation of accounting processes and functions
  • legal support
  • organizational and functional structure
  • communication procedures
  • internal control and risk management system
  • general requirements for IT solutions
  • Developing the accounting office operations model:
  • listing and description of accounting processes
  • organizational and functional structure
  • cooperation procedures
  • document flow systems
  • methodology for accounting organization and operation, developing reporting and tax returns
  • requirements for the internal control and risk management systems associated with the development of financial and tax reporting
  • integration with the corporate logistics, production, and management processes/systems
  • key personnel training
  • Developing detailed requirements for IT solutions
  • Implementation support and monitoring



For more information on accounting advisory services please contact:

Valeria Polyakova, FBK Consulting Partner

Elena Tyutyunnikova, director of the accounting advisory department

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