Consulting on accounting and reporting issues

Methodological support for your accounting experts includes the following services:

  • providing written answers to questions concerned with complicated or controversial situations in book-keeping and tax accounting that are not unequivocally regulated by the current legislation
  • justifying the possibility to employ IFRS-compliant approaches within the framework of current legislation related to accounting
  • evaluating the enterprises’ accounting policies and developing recommendations for bringing such policies into compliance with the current legislation
  • methodological support for complicated operations and types of activities, controversial situations, particularly with regard to accounting organization and operation (reorganization of companies, leasing operations, foreign trade activities etc.). This is provided by developing the appropriate regulating documents and delivered as replies to the questions involved
  • provision of ad hoc informational and analytical comments to the new regulatory documents and other materials concerned with book-keeping and tax accounting and taking into account the companys industry specialization.


For more information on accounting advisory services please contact:

Valeria Polyakova, FBK Consulting Partner

Elena Tyutyunnikova, director of the accounting advisory department

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