Developing plans and programs

We assist our clients in working out plans and programs by offering the following key services:

  • Working out and assisting in a long-term targeted program for government body (long-term objectives and tasks, key indicators, restructuring strategy, and development strategy for legal and regulatory support)
  • Drafting and monitoring departmental targeted programs for government body (objectives and tasks for a three-year period, metrics, action plan, list of needed departmental regulations)
  • Drafting and monitoring special targeted programs (programs to improve the efficiency of budget expenditures, anti-corruption and civil service development programs)
  • Development and validation of a system to measure the performance efficiency and effectiveness of government body with relevant target setting
  • Development of a planning procedure and scheme for budget appropriations for public services
  • Development of financial provision standards for public services
  • Identification of mechanisms for intradepartmental interaction and optimisation plans on the activity of network of subordinate organizations, and
  • Identification of mechanisms for interdepartmental interaction to implement long-term targeted programs and departmental target programs


Contact the following persons for consulting services to the public sector:

Valeria Polyakova, Consulting Partner.

Irina Dubinina, Director of the Public Sector Consultancy Department

You are also welcome to leave your inquiry online

Phone: +7 495 737-53-53

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