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  • I.V. Dubinina. Budget Classification Reform in the Russian Federation. // Finance, 2004, No. 12
  • I.V. Dubinina. Budget Classification in 2005. // Budget Accounting, 2005, No.2
  • I.V. Dubinina. Interrelation between the Classification of General Government Sector Operations and Budget Classification. // BiNo: Government-Financed and Non-Government Organizations, 2005, No.3
  • I.V. Dubinina., N.A. Remizov. Audit of Budgetary Funds: International Experience and Russian prospects. // Financial and Accounting Consultations, 2006, No.1
  • I.V. Dubinina. The Role of Audit in the Anti-Corruption Measures. // Financial and Accounting Consultations, 2007, No.3
  • I.V. Dubinina. Government Finance Statistics in the Russian Federation and IMF Standards. // Statistical Matters, 2008, No.8
  • K.B. Malkov. Public and Municipal Services Market Model: Nature, Mechanism, Implementation Prospects. // Economics, Sociology and Law, November 2008 No. 11. Moscow, 2008
  • K.B. Malkov. Characteristics of Balanced Scorecard System in the Public Management. // Economic Sciences, No. 41 (April), 2008
  • K.B. Malkov. Characteristics of Strategic Management in the Public and Business Management: Common and Specific. // Economic Sciences, No. 39 (February), 2008
  • A.K. Sinyagin, I.V. Dubinina. Efficiency Audit: International Experience and Russian Customs// Budget, 2008, No. 9 – ñ. 77-80
  • A.K. Sinyagin. What are the Ways to Increase Effectiveness of Public Expenditures?// Budget. 2005. No. 1
  • A.K. Sinyagin. What are the Ways to Evaluate Public Expenditures// Expert. 2004, No. 19
  • A.K. Sinyagin. Regional Investment Attractiveness for Development of Small and Medium Business// Director General, 2010, No. 6
  • A.K. Sinyagin. Development of Small and Medium Business in Regions // Economic Journal. Debt & Financing, 2010, No. 5
  • S.M. Shapiguzov, A.K. Sinyagin. Crowdsourcing in the public sector: innovation with considering for the civil society// Budget, 2012, No. 7
  • Sinyagin .. Topical issues of financial service consumer rights protection in Russia// Budget, 2013, 4
  • Sinyagin .. Russia in WTO: first lessons learned// Budget, 2013, 6
  • Sinyagin A.K. A road map in the public sector: a plan of activities or a tool for strategic management //Budget, 2014, No.1


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