Risk management practice

We offer the services of investment advisers to support the investment projects for the financing attraction purpose.

At the stage of selecting the project for implementation:
  • Expertise of the expediency of submission of the application for the investment project financing;
  • Presentation of the investment concept to the potential investors in order to explore their willingness to finance the project.

At the stage of project structuring:
  • Development of an individual financial model for the investment project;
  • Registration f business plans in accordance with the investor’s requirements;
  • Expertise of the clients business plan compliance with the investors requirements;
  • Expertise of the finance model;
  • Appraisal of the potential budgetary and macroeconomic effects of the investment project implementation;
  • Preparation and presentation of the investment proposal in accordance with the investors requirements;
  • Development of the calendar plan of preparation of the investment proposal and control over the plan implementation time-frame.

At the stage of investment project implementation:
  • Expertise of conformity of the investment project to the declared plans;
  • Preparation of management reports in accordance with the investors requirements;
  • Evaluation of the realized macroeconomic effect of the project implementation.

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