Solutions based on 1: Manufacturing Enterprise Management

The configuration 1:Enterprise Manufacturing Management can be implemented within the framework of a single management, accounting and international accounting system.

A business transaction is registered once and is reflected in the management accounting and statutory accounting. A document constitutes represents the tool used to register a business transaction; furthermore mechanisms for replacing data “by default” and entering new documents based on previously input documents are used extensively to speed up the work.

Statutory (accounting and tax) accounting is as a rule kept in the national currency, whereas a hypothetical currency may be selected for management accounting.

If enterprises are part of a holding structure, the system ensures that accounting is kept at all the organisations included in the holding company within the framework of a single database. Different tax systems may be used in different organisations: in some organisations – the general tax system, in others the simplified tax system. Different tax and accounting policies may be used. In addition, a tax system may be applied to individual types of the organisation’s activity in the form of the unified tax on imputed income.

In addition to the management and statutory accounting, the accounts can be kept according to international financial reporting standards (IFRS). For the purpose of reducing labour input, IFRS accounting is performed non-operationally, in other words through the translation (recalculation) of other types of accounting data.

The implementation of the configuration 1C Enterprise Manufacturing Management has the greatest impact at medium-sized and large enterprises employing up to several thousand personnel, and also at holding and network structures.

The standard functionality of the system provides:
  • enterprise management and managers responsible for business development with extensive opportunities to analyse, plan and manage flexibly the companys resources in order to increase its competitiveness;
  • the heads of subdivisions, managers and employees directly involved in production, sales, supply and other activities aimed at ensuring the production process — tools that make it possible to raise the effectiveness of daily work in their areas;
  • the employees of the accounting functions of the enterprise tools for automated accounting in full compliance with the requirements of legislation and the corporate standards of the enterprise.


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