Solutions based on 1:Accounting

The 1:Accounting configuration is used to automate accounting and tax accounting, including the preparation of mandatory (statutory) financial statements.

The accounting methodology implemented in the system ensures the simultaneous registration of each entry of a business transaction both by accounts and also by the necessary breakdowns into analytical, quantitative and foreign currency accounts. Users may independently change the parameters of the accounting policy and create new sub-accounts and analytical accounting breakdowns.

It stipulates the joint use of the Accounting configuration with the configurations Trade Management and Payroll & HR.

The main way of reflecting business transactions in the accounting is to enter documents that comply with the accounting source documents. The direct entry of individual postings is also permitted. Mechanisms for replacing data “by default”, and also the entry of new documents on the basis of previously entered documents are extensively used to speed up the work.

The system implements warehouse accounting, quantitative-physical accounting by batches, accounting for trade transactions, fixed assets and intangible assets, cash, production, payroll.

The system makes it possible to maintain the accounting and tax accounting of several organisations in a single database. Such a solution can prove to be a material advantage if the business activities of organisations, which are, for example, part of a holding company, are closely inter-related and general lists of goods, counterparties (business partners), employees, warehouses, etc., may be used in the current work, while the financial statements are generated separately.

The 1:Accounting configuration may be used both in small organisations, and also in holdings with a complex organisational structure.


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