Solutions based on 1: Consolidation

The configuration 1:Consolidation 8 is intended to automate a wide range of tasks related to the preparation and analysis of the financial statements of holding companies, groups of companies, branch structures, and also separate companies.

The System makes it possible to resolve the following tasks:
  • the collection and centralised storage of the reporting data of business units (organisations, centres of financial responsibility, branches), included in a group;
  • the consolidation of management reporting and financial statements;
  • budget management of individual companies and groups of companies;
  • enterprise management based on key performance indicators;
  • transformation of the financial statements compiled using one standards into the financial statements of other standards (RAS, IFRS, US GAAP, management accounting).
The system has flexible options relating to the configuration, collection, entry control and packaged processing of the reporting. This makes it possible to generate individual and consolidated reports and budgets with due account of both automatic and also manual adjustments to source reporting indicators. Remote access options have been implemented in the configuration (web interface, distributed data, sampling from external sources), which make it possible to organise geographically distributed data processing.

The system’s functionality makes it possible to determine different methods for grouping and consolidating data, ensure the discharge of regulations on the preparation of reporting, including the designation of specific roles for participants in the process, to use different currencies and rules for translation at the time of the processing of the information. The configuration makes it possible to apply different scenarios when generating the financial statements, perform factor-based design and what-if analysis, and different types of automated breakdowns.

The standard package includes methodological models, facilitating the rapid production start-up of the system:
  • Budgeting of the company;
  • Budgeting of a group of companies;
  • IFRS transformation and consolidation;
  • RAS consolidation.
Each model contains a plan of reporting indicators and analytical measurements; a set of report forms, processing rules and verification rules; template of the reporting processing process; analytical reports and panels. The models may be used without amendments or modified in accordance with the requirements of the customers methodology.

Implementation of projects using 1C:Consolidation will enable a client to automate the processes for preparing individual, summary and consolidated reporting, individual and consolidated budgets based on different scenarios, compare planned and actual data, and perform different types of analysis, which provide decision-making support.


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