Solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX

A state-of-the art automated enterprise management system should provide company management and its employees with the most complete and reliable information required to run a successful business.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a scalable system for medium-sized and big enterprises, corporations and holding structures, representing a unified integrated solution aimed at increasing the controllability of the business and increasing the enterprise’s profits.

Microsoft Dynamics AX makes it possible to enhance performance management, enable a company to obtain the most reliable and up-to-date information required for management decision-making. Thanks to its transparency and scalability, Microsoft Dynamics AX is becoming more and more popular among medium-sized and big companies.

Microsoft Dynamics AX as a multifunctional ERP solution encompasses the business of a company as a whole, including production and distribution, supply chain management (SCM) and projects, financial management and business analysis tools, customer relationship management (CRM) and HR management.

On 24 September 2003 Microsoft Dynamics AX was certified by the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia and was recommended by the accounting and reporting methodology department of the RF Ministry of Finance for enterprises operating in several industries.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has been used to implement Western state-of-the-art enterprise management technologies and high-tech solutions, which constitute the full-scale functionality of the system, and also provide unlimited opportunities for collaboration with partners and customers through the Internet.

The Microsoft Dynamics AX system is not only a convenient tool for work at present, but also a reliable development platform in future. This is a flexible and adaptable system with open source code and an integrated development environment. The system functions on the industrial databases Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, which ensure data integrity and make it possible to ramp up computing power.

Extensive functionality, the newest business-to-business tools and the existing set of state-of-the-art industry solutions make it possible to classify the system as ERP-II.

Our extensive experience of providing audit and consulting services, and also analysis and aggregation of accumulated expert knowledge in different sectors of the economy, enable us to create unique specialised solutions that take due account of the specifics of your business.

FBKs solutions have a key advantage – they can be installed and used on a system that has already been commissioned (wholly or in part) without any material reconfiguration.


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At present FBKs specialists have developed the following solutions:

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