Solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX: Tax Accounting for Gas Industry Enterprises

The industry solution FBK: Tax Accounting for Gas Industry Enterprises, implemented on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX, was developed on the basis of the extensive experience of FBK accumulated in constructing tax accounting systems in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 25 of the RF Tax Code at the enterprises of OJSC Gazprom.

The industry solution includes a set of methodological and technological solutions that enable gas industry enterprises to improve the tax accounting system:
  • Accounting policy model for tax purposes in respect of income tax;
  • Unified hierarchical model of tax ledgers ensuring the fullness and transparency of the full set of tax indicators participating in the establishment of the tax base;
  • Instruction on the procedure for completing and calculating tax ledgers and the income tax declaration;
  • Document management regulations on tax accounting;
  • Automated system for generating tax reporting configured in accordance with developed methodological solutions.

The model of the accounting policy and tax ledgers was developed in accordance with the accounting specifics at the enterprises of OJSC Gazprom.

Each tax ledger consists of a table – the indicators may be loaded from the accounting system, input manually or calculated automatically. The ledger structure indicates separately detailed analytical and synthetic level one ledgers completed at the subdivisions (branches) and the administration of the gas industry enterprise.

The data of the level one ledgers are aggregated in consolidated ledgers, which form in turn the indicators of the tax declaration. Due to this fact, it is possible in the automated system by using the drill-down mechanism to analyse for each tax indicator the procedure for its formation from the line of the declaration to a corresponding business transaction, whose data were used to form the indicator.

Such functionality enables a gas industry enterprise to identify promptly the location of a potential error and introduce an adjustment to the ledgers.

Implementation of the automated tax accounting system enables gas industry enterprises:
  • to mitigate tax risks by increasing the reliability of the information in the income tax declaration, and through the methodological elaboration of technological solutions;
  • to regulate the tax reporting preparation process;
  • to ensure disclosure of the procedure for forming the tax base in accordance with the requirements of legislation;
  • to reduce labour costs on the completion, collection and processing of the tax ledgers of the subdivisions;
  • to increase the operational efficiency of the tax function of the management body, reduce the timeframe for generating consolidated tax reporting;
  • to adapt the tax accounting system in real time to the changing requirements of legislation;
  • to ensure guaranteed data integrity and security.

The solution FBK: Tax Accounting for Gas Industry Enterprises is recommended for use at the subsidiaries of OJSC Gazprom, and also at other enterprises in the oil and gas industry and is registered with Microsoft as a specialised industry solution.


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