Implementing ERP systems

Modern business management requires the material integration of people, processes and data with the applications of the automated management systems of the enterprise, corporation or holding company.

Depending on the requirements of your company, FBK applies different approaches to project implementation. For example, when implementing the automated system, the client’s existing accounting methodology may be used or work may be performed within the framework of a comprehensive project to improve the methodology using core department specialists.

If the existing methodology is used, it is adapted for the purpose of maximising the possible use of the standard functionality of the system that is being implemented.

If work is performed within the framework of a system implementation project aimed at improving the customers methodology, core department specialists develop the Package of Methodological Documents (PMD). PMD is developed initially against a specific automated system, with due account of its functionality and limitations. This approach guarantees on the one hand that the developed accounting methodology can be implemented in the automated system and on the other hand that the accounting procedures will be automated in full compliance with the requirements of legislation and the business specifics of the enterprise.

On the basis of the methodological requirements contained in the PMD or adapted methodology of the client, FBKs specialists fr om the corporate management systems department perform the conceptual design of the future system.

In the next stages, with the support of methodology consultants, the system is built, instructions are developed for each workstation, users are trained, the system is tested and commissioned and initial support is provided.

FBKs specialists have significant experience of successfully implementing the ERP projects for enterprises fr om different sectors:
  • Oil production and oil product supply enterprises (planning distribution functions, the stock departments of the bulk oil plants, the processing of shift work reports of the nuclear power plants, consolidation of the data of geographically distributed areas for the processing of information and processing of payment advice);
  • enterprises of the machine-building complex (the methodology of the main and auxiliary production facilities);
  • enterprises of the chemical industry (accounting for products, separated as a result of processing into several components; accounting for batches of raw materials and products characterised by a limited shelf life and specific terms for storage and location, etc.);
  • food industry enterprises (work with a large list of raw materials, including import, closed production cycle, since the transfer of raw materials to the unit prior to the release of semi-finished goods and ready-made products, and the lim ited storage life of finished goods, budgeted calculation with due account of formulations, accounting for the expenditure of raw materials in production through the use of resource lim it cards, accounting for returnable containers);
  • enterprises operating in the services sector.


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