Business valuation

Business valuation is a necessary step in the development of every company. It is necessary for business acquisitions or sales, mergers and acquisitions, security issues, corporate planning, pledges of shares, transfers of shares into trust management and transfers of shares as a contribution to charter capital, as well as for the creation or disposal of subsidiaries as part of business restructuring, external management or bankruptcy administration, evaluation of the company management’s performance etc.
Business valuation includes determining the cost of the following:
  • Joint-stock companys shares/block of shares
  • Share/interest in the authorized capital of the enterprises of other forms of incorporation
  • Derivative securities (options)
  • Property portfolios
  • Rights of claim and other rights
FBKs experts have over 15 years experience in business valuation, allowing us to accumulate unique expertise in the business valuation of companies operating in various sectors and industries. This is one of the pillars of our success and enables us to take into account the individual features of the clients business and conduct the objective evaluation necessary for managerial decision making.


For more information on our valuation and asset management services please contact:

Stanislav Novikov, FBK Partner

Alexander Matyushin, Deputy Director FBK Valuation Department

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