Asset revaluation in accordance with RAS requirements

Russian companies can revalue their assets annually, so FBK also offers services to determine the replacement value of assets to revalue them in accordance with Russian Accounting Standards. FBK has revalued the fixed assets of several leading Russian companies.

Our experts have developed a unique method for the valuation of large amounts of fixed assets which we have tested many times. We have shown its effectiveness and used it to implement major projects for our customers within compressed timeframes.

The practical experience accumulated by the experts at FBK’s Valuation Department allows us to employ our own know-how with great success. In addition, our experts frequently publish in professional journals, writing about our valuation expertise and experience and covering a wide range of studies and areas, including some of the more neglected aspects of valuation.


For more information on our valuation and asset management services please contact:

Stanislav Novikov, FBK Partner

Alexander Matyushin, Deputy Director FBK Valuation Department

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact experts of our Valuation Department

You are also welcome to leave your inquiry on-line

Tel.:+7 495 737-53-53

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