Expert appraisals of valuation reports performed by other appraisers

The high level of qualifications and many years of experience accumulated by FBK’s specialists enable us to perform expert appraisals of valuation reports performed by third parties for different purposes (pledge, contribution to the charter capital, sale, booking on the balance sheet, etc.).

The expert appraisal of valuation reports is performed for the purpose of auditing the reliability of the valuation results and the compliance of the report with the requirements of regulatory documents governing valuations:
  • Federal Law No. 135-FZ dated 29 July 1998 “On Valuation Activities in the Russian Federation”.
  • Federal Valuation Standards No. 1,2, 3 approved by Orders No. 256, 255, 254 of the Ministry for Economic Development dated 20 July 2007
  • Standards of the Self-Regulating Organisation of Appraisers, whose members are the appraisers that performed the report submitted for expert appraisal.

In addition, by virtue of the significant accumulated experience on the valuation of assets for the purpose of compiling IFRS reporting, including the procedure for approving the valuation results with Big Four firms, the specialists of the Valuation Department perform an expert appraisal of the valuation results performed by other valuation organisations for the purposes of compilingIFRS Financial Statements.

Based on the results of the expert appraisal of the report, the client receives an opinion, including detailed descriptions of the inconsistencies and violations that have been identified (where available).


For more information on our valuation and asset management services please contact:

Stanislav Novikov, FBK Partner

Alexander Matyushin, Deputy Director FBK Valuation Department

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