Ensuring Personal Data Security

Protecting the rights of people whose personal data are stored by ensuring the information security of personal data when being processed by personal data operators is required by Russian legislation and applies to virtually every legal person operating in Russia.

Under to Federal Law No.152-FL “On Personal Data” of 27 July 2006, operators of personal data were required to bring their information systems into full alignment with the law by 1 July 2011.

During projects to provide comprehensive personal data security, FBK implements the following stages:
  • carries out pre-project research into the organisation’s personal data information systems (PDIS) and assesses their compliance with legislative requirements;
  • develops an action plan aimed at bringing the organisation’s PDIS into compliance with regulations;
  • categorises personal data, develops personal data threat models and classifies personal data information systems;
  • develops the requirements for the personal data protection system;
  • develops a package of organisational and official documentation to ensure personal data security, including – “Personal Data Processing Policies”, which, according to the latest version of the Law, must be a published public document;
  • develops the technical specifications for the creation or refinement of the personal data protection system;
  • selects, supplies and implements the personal data protection software;
  • provides training to the client’s staff on procedures to ensure personal data security.

As a result of implementing this project, the personal data security system at the organisation – the operator of the personal data – is brought into compliance with legislative requirements.

Alexey Terekhov, FBK Partner and Vice-President for Auditing and Consulting Services to Financial Institutions, is always ready to tell you more about our services in information security and personal data protection for financial institutions.
E-mail - bank@fbk.ru

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