Consulting services in support of mergers, acquisitions and financing

We will be happy to assist you in the following areas:
  • Preliminary analysis of the company’s business, including the key factors in its formation and increasing its value
  • Rationale for undertaking the transaction and guidelines for making the best choice among the alternatives
  • Developing recommendations for changes to the companys organisation in order to increase the attractiveness of your company
  • Assisting in developing the correct strategy and tactics for the transaction
  • Developing recommendations for assessing the clients business / sale or purchase
  • Preparing target market / customer segmentation for business development.
  • Forming long and short lists of areas for investment and of potential investors based on predetermined criteria and strategy (long list and short list)
  • Preparing briefing documents: a short description of the investment project (teaser), information memorandum, management presentation, explanation of the procedure, etc.
  • Providing first contacts with potential investors and interested parties, obtaining preliminary indications of interest, signing confidentiality agreements
  • Organising visits to production sites, and preparation and presentation of management
  • Collecting and analysing price and transaction terms of (legally binding) proposals
  • Organising and coordinating the data room
  • Developing recommendations for the selection of priority partners for further negotiations
  • Organising and coordinating negotiations with selected potential partners
  • Collecting and analysing of legally binding proposals from potential partners and recommendations on priority partner
  • Advising on key terms of the transaction and the development of the optimal structure of the transaction
  • Coordinating the letter of intent / memorandum of understanding
  • Organising and coordinating the due diligence (checking the “proper compliance”) with respect to the investment
  • Recommendations of external consultants if necessary and coordinating their work
  • Organising and coordinating the final negotiations on the terms of the transaction and the content of the key transaction documents
  • Coordinating the signing of the contract and of sales of shares or assets, as well as the shareholders agreement and other transaction documents, if necessary
  • Monitoring performance conditions to the transaction closing and advisory support until the transition and the registration of ownership of the investee.

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