DIRECTUM business solutions

Contract Management
Business tasks: preparation of draft contract documents, their approval in accordance with regulations, compilation of the approval list, control of authorities, approval of electronic digital signatures; control over the performance of obligations on contracts, search and analysis of sets of documents for each contract; generation of various reports.

Individual Requests
Business tasks: maintenance of register of individuals, registration of written and oral requests, control over the execution of instructions, organisation of the dispatch of responses, generation of reports, accumulation of communications records.

Classic Records Management
Business tasks: maintenance of file register, work with internal/incoming/outgoing correspondence, control over execution of instructions/resolutions, control of the return of documents, generation of reports.

Business Meetings Management
Business tasks: meeting organisation and preparation, holding of the meeting, execution of adopted decisions, generation of reports for the analysis of data on the status and execution of meetings.

Customer Relationship Management
Business tasks: generation of business strategy in work with customers, creation and maintenance of single database of organisations and contact persons, management of marketing events, accumulation and analysis of data on contacts made and marketing events for the generation of different reports.

Financial Archive
Business tasks: preparation of tax audits and audits, support for the off-site storage of the paper originals of documents, reconciliation of transactions based on source documents, and handling of claims.

Project Management
Business tasks: compliance and control of project management, work with the project plan, management of project risks, control of the quality and effectiveness of project management, creation of a project document archive, ensuring collaboration and communications between project participants.

Accounts Payable and Invoice Management
Business tasks: formalisation of the approval process of invoices for payment and VAT invoices, streamlining of the approval process, the entry and registration of invoices, verification and reconciliation of invoices for payment, payment preparation and notification of the parties responsible on the payment, establishment of invoice archive and organisation of secure and convenient access.

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